Study the Bible the way it
was meant to be studied 

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Dr. Tony Crisp is the Visionary Founder of True Life Concepts Ministry. A leading authority on the history, culture and geography of the nation of Israel, Dr. Crisp has been traveling and leading tours to the Holy Land for more than 30 years. Taught and mentored by some of the most respected men of the Evangelical world, Dr. Crisp has served as pastor of churches from North Carolina to California and is a highly-sought-after teacher and bible scholar. And yet, he describes himself as “country as cornbread” and has a unique ability to make the intricacies of the Bible and theology accessible to the common man.

Study the Bible the way it was meant to be studied 

Read and readily understand its meaning . 

Discover truth that can change your life .

Study the Bible in its proper context .

Understand it’s meaning though the history culture customs and language of the Jewish people 

Dr. Tony Crisp

“The Bible is a book written by Jews to Jews primarily for Jews “

Dr. Tony Crisp

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